Vloggi is the world's simplest video blogging app

Travel more. Video more. Edit Less.

As you travel, you capture some great moments from the world around you. Then you have to edit.

But editing is a chore. We get that. Video clips on your phone, hard disks full of great content, keywording to do, pitching to sponsors to worry about.

This is where Vloggi comes in. It's the world's simplest vlogging platform that takes care of the editing, the captioning and the monetisation.

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Vloggi's integrated video tools

A smart video capture app

Our app uses smart video technology to create beautiful 10-second video clips every time. Now anyone can be a videographer.

A smart video publishing platform

Create video stories in seconds using our smart cloud-based video maker to combine, brand and format videos.

Create compelling video stories

Rather than waste time editing, you can easily create video stories on the go.

Combine 10 second clips into themed playlists of your trip. You can include your blog brand or a sponsor logo.

  • Pull together location listicles
  • Easily make video mash-ups
  • Assemble web TV episodes quickly

Why use the Vloggi app?


Our app captures the location of all content as it is produced.

Cloud-based cloud

No more waiting for hard drives, our videos edit in the cloud.

Wordpress embed film

Vloggi video stories come with free embed codes for your blog site.

Captioned video caption

Our videos are all overlaid automatically with your captions.

Vloggis are self-contained 10-second video blogs

Vloggis are microvlogs. Up to five shots edited together in the app into one 10-second clip. All the content is licensed to share or download

  • Perfect for social media
  • Caption overlaid for silent viewing
  • Location and place name shown on all videos
  • Combine multiple clips into longer video stories

Vloggis can be branded to create video stories for social media

At a glance, the features of the Vloggi app

one touch
easy caption
easy playlist

We reward content creators

All Vloggi content is licensed for subsequent re-use, allowing you to earn money if your clips are used outside your team projects.

We pledge to give at least 50% of all royalties to all video contributors.

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Enter projects

  • Contribute to win larger prizes
  • Destinations, publications or brands can post up competitions for the best Vloggis on a specified brief
  • Competitions can include a guaranteed number of clips licensed, a total prize pool, or non-cash incentives (such as complimentary products)
  • The rules and winners are at the competition promoter's discretion
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Earn licence fees

  • Get paid if your content is used outside your team
  • Every Vloggi created is licensed for subsequent re-use
  • We market your content on your behalf and split the royalties we collect 50/50
  • Even if you are making Vloggis for your own personal use, we'll still pay you if your content is reused outside the initial project
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