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What is Vloggi?

How do I get started using Vloggi?

Why should I use video in my marketing?

How much does Vloggi cost?

Do I get paid if I contribute to the Vloggi Library?

How do I make videos for you?

Do I need to be a video blogger or influencer to contribute?

Why is every clip ten seconds?

Do you also have an app?

Why is the Vloggi Library so tourism-centric?

Why wouldn't I just pay influencer agencies?

How do I merge video clips together into longer videos?

Can I contribute video without joining a project?

Is there an Android version of the app?

I have a video blog already. Can I use your service?

Will I need editing software?

Why do the videos look different to each other?

What is Vloggi templated video production?

Can I use my own Vloggi content on my blog?

Who would use amateur video?

How do I incentivize my community to create video content?

Do I need permission to shoot people or places?

What can I shoot and can I take down objectionable content?

Who is behind Vloggi?

How does Vloggi make money?

Who can I contact for help?