Vloggi is the world’s first collaborative video production platform

Vloggi makes it easy for companies to source, brand and use authentic video content created by their communities.

Vloggi also rewards content creators, with a unique profit share scheme that pays Vloggers every time 10 seconds of their content is licensed.

How it works

Step 1.

Making user-generated content fit with your brand has never been easier. Our Vloggi Designer allows you to create a template that includes a logo watermark, your custom colours and fonts and a call to action. You can also customise the data you want to appear on screen, like creator name or capture date. Create a theme once and use it across your entire campaign.

Step 2.

To start, simply launch a project to start crowdsourcing video from your community. Fill out the lightweight brief form, specify a location and any filming tips then add an incentive.

Step 3.

Every project has a unique project code URL, making it quick and easy for you to share the project page with your fans, followers or even staff. Projects can be closed groups or open for anyone to contribute. Simply share the URL through your existing marketing channels. See an example here.

Step 4.

The Vloggi Create app has been developed to ensure absolutely anyone can be a citizen videographer. With auto stabilisation, auto white balance and auto colour saturation filters built in, meaning great quality video clips every time. Each clip is capped at 10 seconds, making it even easier for novices to contribute video.

Step 5.

Your project grows from the first clip that comes in with your code. Unlike traditional video editing, you can license and brand content from the moment the first clip comes in to create snackable content for social media.

Step 6.

Here’s where the real magic comes in. Vloggi is the world’s first drag and drop video assembly tool. Never edit again. Simply hover over the clip to preview and then drag the best ones to the video maker box to create a video story in seconds. Give the playlist a name, apply your brand template and publish.

Step 7.

Every 10 second Vloggi microvlog is licensed for reuse at time of creation. So every video story, made up of multiple Vloggi clips, has multiple content creators who each get a slice of the pie. We have set royalty rates and our 50% pledge means that Vloggers always make more than we do on every single 10-second clip. So you can relax knowing that the Video is licensed for reuse.