Vloggi makes branding user-generated video content easy

The Vloggi Designer allows you to create a template that includes a logo watermark, your custom colours and fonts.

Create a theme in seconds then use it across your entire campaign

Design your first Vloggi template

Step 1.

The first time you use Vloggi Designer, you’ll need to click the 'Create New Theme' button to start. Create a new template for every campaign or series you work on and share with your teammates.

Step 2.

To start customising your template, click on the Add Logo botton within the Designer preview window. Either use a transparent PNG logo file or use our watermark tool to convert your logo into a semi-transparent video watermark.

Step 3.

You can start designing from scratch or use one of our preset video templates as a guide for your Vloggi theme. Click the Load template button to select an existing theme and get an instant preview.

Step 4.

You can customise text boxes and add new ones, using the Text button . Change the font, colour and the background box. There are typefaces to suit every project. Popular fonts are listed first, followed by the entire library of Google Fonts.

Step 5.

You can also top and tail your videos. Click on the intro button to add custom video intro and outro sequences. You can upload your own video or use one of ours. Here you can add music to your template too.

Step 6.

Remember to save your theme to ensure that your changes are stored. You can share your video template with other people in your team by changing the owner dropdown list option. Create teams in your profile page.

Step 7.

Once you're done customising your template, hit the preview button to see your theme. The preview will play the last playlist you made, so use a shorter one for faster loading.