The Vloggi team

Vloggi is run by a small team of video technology pioneers.

We also collaborate with a number of advisor and mentors.

Who are we?


Justin Wastnage


Former tourism industry director, filmmaker and innovation researcher.

Jurgen van Ark

Strategic Accounts Manager

Direct sales specialist with expertise in subscription software

Tim Revell

Lead Developer

Inventor of mobile video streaming and a former CTO of a record label.

Jérémy Giraudet

Lead front-end engineer

Highly-experienced technical project manager and SAAS software developer


Satu Raunola-Spencer


Brendan Leonard


Matthew Tati

Product Manager

Craig Sequeira

Digital Marketing Assistant

Mike Sager

Strategic Advisor

Cheryl Mack

Strategic Advisor

Brendan Hill

Strategic Advisor

Manoj Pokharel

Video Tech Intern

Vloggi family

Vloggi has assembled a team of highly qualified and experienced advisors and mentors.

Alex Bryant

Oliver Tams

Satu Raunola-Spencer

Craig Sequeira

Tim Revell

Rowan Barker

Alexandra Smith

Mike Sager

Justin Wastnage

Fergus Park

Matt Tati

Brendan Hill

Andrew Scarborough (not pictured)

Penny Spencer (not pictured)

Michael Spencer (not pictured)

Join our team - we're expanding

Current job openings:

Sales consultants

Full-time / Part-time opportunities to work independently from home commercialising souvenir highlight video creation software.

Video designer

We want a talented designer who is familiar with Adobe Creative Cloud who can design flat and motion graphics for use in video templates. FFMPEG knowledge also useful.

Growth marketer

We are looking for a marketing whizz who knows digital hacks to personalise customer journeys through our marketing funnel.

Web developer

We have an opening for a predominently front-end web developer who knows React and React native. Experience in APIs, AWS, PHP, Node.js and databases also useful.